Echain Network
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The vision

Our goals for the end of 2023 and 2024. (From September 2023 to December 2024 inclusive)

  • New website.
  • Servers optimization.
  • Working on enhancing the performance of the blockchain.
  • Scouting marketing opportunity in the market with in mind market condition.
  • Echain Nfts marketplace focused on RWA (Real World Assets).
  • Escrow platform
  • Echain Labs, An entity that will facilitate the launch of projects by providing funding and technical support.
  • Finding or funding new defi team capable of working on dApps that will bring the green defi on Echain Network.
  • Scouting CEX listings possibility, depending on market conditions and opportunities.
  • Looking for green companies and potential partnership to bring RWA on-chain.
Disclaimer: This roadmap represents Echain's objectives, but does not constitute an obligation of result. In other words, it is subject to change depending on future events. As with all nascent technologies and financial investments, cryptocurrencies, and the buying or selling thereof, carry inherent risk. Echain Network team and founders accept no liability for financial or other losses incurred through engagement with our platforms, cryptocurrencies, or community. Protecting yourself against risk, both financial or otherwise, is wholly your own responsibility.