How to Stake

On Echain Network.

ECT staking is now live on Echain Network. You can now stake your ECT and earn some rewards.

1/ First you need ECT on your wallet.

2/ Then go on: 3/ Connect your wallet

4/ To stake you need wECT which is the wrapped version of ECT that enables the staking. Go on:

In 2. deposit enter the amount you would like to wrapped (on the screenshot above 5000). Click on write and confirm the tx on Metamask.

NB: The minimum amount to stake is 5000 ECT.

5/ Once you have wECT go back to On the staking page you can enter the amount you wish to stake and click on Stake

You will see the amount you've staked. You can harvest your rewards at anytime but you can only unstake your tokens after 3months.

NB: There is no fees for unstaking. APY is fixed to 40% (10% over 90 days) NB2: To unwrap your wECT tokens back to ECT, you need to go back to and fill "5. Withdraw" with the amount you wish to unwrap, click on write and confirm the tx on Metamask.

Terms of Participation

  • APY: 40% (10% over 90 days)

  • Duration: 90 DAYS

  • Vesting: YES

  • Unstaking/Staking fees: NO

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